Relationship Difficulties

Whether you have a hard time creating them, keeping them, or enjoying them, problems with relationships are a source of pain. Understanding what is making them hard and what to do about it are common therapy goals. In fact, relational problems are such a common strand in therapy that you may find them interconnected to one or more other issues. Let’s work together to understand why relationships are hurting you and determine the way forward to more meaningful and rewarding connections with others.

Humans are social critters. We evolved in groups, sharing the labor of living, loving, and having fun. In fact, we evolved to shoulder loss and trauma together. We have the capacity to tolerate incredible pain, when we do it together. However, sometimes life has led us to the point of feeling disconnected from those around us. You may have many people in your orbit and still feel alone in the crowd. There may be truly important people in your life that you love and love you, yet you realize you have never let them see the real you and therefore, you feel estranged. Or, you may look around and find that there is truly no one there.

Loneliness is painful and that pain means to awaken your desire to make change; I’m so glad you are here seeking change.

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