Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) affect the way that you understand and interact in social situations and mean that you may have very specific interests and preferences, that may not be shared by others around you. Many autistic adults struggle to have connections with others in ways they would like. Moreover, social situations may feel downright confusing and anxiety-provoking and intimate relationships may seem impossible. In the professional sphere, you may struggle to keep steady employment, often finding that your ways of communicating with co-workers and bosses make it hard to feel you belong or that your talents are appreciated.

Thankfully, autism is gaining greater popular awareness. This has meant that many autistic adults never diagnosed in childhood, but struggling in ways discussed above, find themselves wondering if they might be on the spectrum. Seeking this type of clarity about your struggles is a sign of strength and growth orientation. I am prepared to explore this possibility with you and provide an neurodiverse affirming approach to therapy, where appropriate.

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