Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is associated with a broad array of difficulties. You may struggle to manage your daily affairs and finish tasks at home and at work or find it difficult to connect with other people. Many people with ADHD have received and internalized the message that they are lazy or not living up to their potential; it is common for individuals with ADHD to be hard on themselves in an attempt to increase productivity and reliability. Yet, each failure reinforces the message that they are inadequate. Moreover, the nature of ADHD often makes it difficult to organize and soothe difficult thoughts and emotions, leaving one vulnerable to anxiety and depression.

While psychotherapy cannot cure ADHD, we can work on:

  • Strategies for organization and management of responsibilities, social engagements, etc.
  • Ways of slowing down the overactive mind
  • Strategies for identifying, organizing, and understanding emotional experiences
  • Social engagement skills to help with personal and professional relationships
  • The anxiety and depression symptoms that many adults with ADHD experience.

Many adults never diagnosed with ADHD in childhood, find themselves struggling in ways discussed above. You may be wondering if ADHD might be an accurate diagnosis for you that could provide some clarity about your struggles. I am prepared to explore this possibility with you and provide an ADHD-informed approach to therapy, where appropriate.

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